Minescrafter Xmas

Minescrafter Xmas

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Minescrafter Xmas
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Minescrafter Xmas Overview


Minescrafter Xmas might have come around a bit later after the holiday had taken place, but there is still time for it next year, of course, which is why we are now delighted to share with everyone here this game, which is an action-adventure game with platforms, and, what's even better, it is a game in 2 players, so you and a friend can have fun together!

Play Minescrafter Xmas online in 2 players right now!

Player 1 moves and jumps with WAD and shoots with F, while Player 2 can only move and jump using the ARROW keys, no shooting for that avatar. Player 1 has to shoot down all the zombies and creepers, to clear a path for Player 2 to rescue the animals along the path.

If both these are achieved and you reach the portal at the end of the level, you clear it, otherwise, you will lose, if you hit the monsters, or get stopped by traps, or hit by traps, as even TNT is falling from the sky. It all takes place in a world of snow, and we're sure you will have simply a great time from start to finish, just like we did already!

How to play?

P1: WAD, F.

P2: ARROW keys.



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