Ekans: Jetpack Blast

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What is Ekans: Jetpack Blast?

Ekans: Jetpack Blast

Jetpack Blast is the first of many Ekans Games online for kids we plan on bringing over to our website in the course of this new Indian show's airing, which had already made a blast, pun intended, in Asia, and if it also crosses over to English audiences, even more of you will want to play this. But, why not be ahead of the curve and try it out right now?

Jetpack Blast away with Ekans!

Tap to fly as you try to reach high up in the sky, avoiding hitting the gates, since they are meant as obstacles, and, if you do, you lose the game. Collect the icons with the lightning bolt to speed up past any gates for five seconds, the clocks to reduce the speed of the gates, and the bomb if you want to destroy them.

If you want extra lives that allow you to continue from the same spot, grab the hearts. Now that you've understood how simple and exciting this game can be, trying it out right now is a must, after which we invite you to see what other great content we have been sharing here with you today!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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