Internet and Gaming Cafe Simulator

Internet and Gaming Cafe Simulator

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Internet and Gaming Cafe Simulator
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Internet and Gaming Cafe Simulator Overview


Did you know that in the past, most people did not have computers or internet connections at their homes, like most do these days, but instead went to cafes where they paid not just for coffee, drinks, and food, but also to use computers and their internet connection?

Yes, that was one business mode that was popular at one time, and you get to run one here and now with one of the best new management simulator games 3D on our website, which is a blast from the past, and an amazing current gaming experience!

Do your best in the Internet and Gaming Cafe Simulator online!

To interact with an object you need to target it with the camera and then press E. Make sure to build the desktop set-ups with the desk, the monitor, the computer itself, chair, keyboard, and mouse. To manage the connections, use the Admin's computer, which can be used for many useful tasks.

Accept customers using the new PCs you have built for them, and do it quickly, so that you attract more clients. Don't forget to take the money from the customer when you are done, and then use it to build more computers and expand your business.

You can buy and set up new tools any time you wish, and you can even customize the cafe itself to make it look better, as a new design will bring in even more people. Pay your bills, keep the place clean, smelling nice, and make sure the customer satisfaction meters are always high, meaning that they are happy.

Move with WASD, use E for interaction, the mouse to look around. Now that you've surely understood what to do and how, start this amazing new manager simulator game online in 3D, and invite your friends to try it also!

How to play?

Use the mouse, E key, and WASD keys.



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