Army Machine Transporter Truck

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What is Army Machine Transporter Truck?

Army Machine Transporter Truck

We know that driving simulator games in 3D are fan favorites here on our website, and even more so when we are talking about games such as Army Machine Transporter Truck, which allows you to drive a truck unlike you've done before since its sole purpose is to get the soldiers on the battlefield at the right time, or from one base to another, so you are part of the logistics team that can take the tides of war towards your favor!

Let's drive the Army Machine Transporter Truck online!

The controls are very simple, as you only need to use the WASD keys to drive. There will be nine levels in total for you, each one with a bigger difficulty than the last, and you can get from one to three stars for each depending on how well you've performed.

Simply pick up the soldier from one base and drive them to the other one, following the arrow to get to the right direction, and try to do it fast enough, but also carefully, because there will be mines and explosive blocks along the way, which you have to avoid at all costs because if you blow up, you lose.

Start right now, have tons of fun as only here as possible, and maybe invite some of your friends to have fun with this game as well!

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