The Runaway Cats

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What is The Runaway Cats?

The Runaway Cats

Join The Runaway Cats in one of the best new clicker puzzle games online featuring the internet's favorite pet, three of them, at that, which all want to escape the backyard, as they are being naughty, and you need to solve the puzzles to prevent them from doing it, something we will teach you all about right now and here, no need to worry!

Solve puzzles to stop The Runaway Cats from escaping!

The cat can only move one tile on the grass, and you can only place one bush at a time. After you've placed your bush or other kinds of items, it is the cat's turn to jump from one place to another. Make sure that you enclose the cat in such a way that it cannot escape, and the level is cleared.

If you make the wrong choices and they blow past you, try the level again, and think up a better strategy. Now you know all you needed, so let the fun begin right away, and don't stop at it, since we've got even more great games to come, almost hour after hour!


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How to play?

Use the mouse.