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Love Cats Rope

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Love Cats Rope
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Love Cats Rope Overview


Love Cats Rope is one of the best new puzzle games on our website, a logic game, and a drawing game all at the same time, added just in time for Valentine's Day which is coming up, hence the love theme of this game, which we are sure you will enjoy very much, and if you're newcomers to games like this, which you might have seen before otherwise, we will now teach you what to do, worry not!

Use Rope to get the Love Cats together!

In each level, you have a red and blue cat, a girl, and a boy, and you will have to get the two to roll around the maps and get together because when they bump heads, you win. You only can draw one thing a time, so figure out the best shapes to draw, making them drop on the two cats to start them moving.

If you fail the level, you can restart it immediately, at which point you should be drawing a new shape, or making corrections, until you figure out the best solutions. More traps, obstacles, and dangers get between the two lovers between levels, so make sure to figure out the best ways of avoiding them to not lose the levels.

Good luck, great thinking, and the best we wish you, as you deserve!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • One chance to draw is all you get, so if you stop the line as you draw it, the rope cuts off there, so avoid that.
  • The shape, size, and orientation of the rope you draw is key towards bumping the characters to move.
  • Use the coins you earn to buy new skins for the two love cats between levels, from the main menu's shop.

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