Slice The Rope

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What is Slice The Rope?

Slice The Rope
The beloved slice the rope game is here again. It has a fresh look, ready to be played by you, dear children. Get ready to help the frog get the ball that is hanging from a rope.

The game is one that will train your psyche and develop your thinking. You will have to go through 50 levels, but during them, you will have various challenges that you must complete successfully for the ball to reach the cute frog. Be careful of the ball placed in a soap bubble, which will lift it, and thus the ball will not reach its destination. First, he breaks the bubble and then guides the ball correctly, towards the frog.

Make sure every time you exceed your previous score to gain experience and be able to move to the next level. We believe that you will have a great time with your friends playing this game. You will have the opportunity to train your thinking by playing all this time.

Have fun!

How to play?

use Mouse to cut the rope

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