Mr. Slice

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Mr. Slice
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What is Mr. Slice?

Mr. Slice

Welcome, all to Mr. Slice, one of the most interesting new arcade and skill games online in 3D to have been added to our website, with a format unlike you see here every day, which is why it makes us excited to share it with you all, especially after having had tons of fun with it ourselves, as an administrative team!

Help Mr. Slice cut everything in his path!

When you hold the mouse, underneath Mr. Slice you will extend a knife, and you have to do it so that it drops him down, and with the knife that you've erected, you will cut the items around you, which can come in various shapes and sizes.

As you keep cutting and advancing forward through the items, you earn more points, and you need to grab a key to finish a level, then drop on the multipliers, and try to get as many bonus points in return as possible.

Of course, various obstacles that cannot be cut through also appear, so be careful of them as well, as each new level becomes more difficult than the last. Good luck, and the best we wish all of you!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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