Kill the Dummy

Kill the Dummy

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Kill the Dummy
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Kill the Dummy Overview


Some of the funniest arcade games in the world are also some of the most gruesome and deadliest, but they are also made better by the fact that sometimes they don't feature real humans, but stickmen, dolls, or, as it is the case in this game, dummies, who you can hurt and kill without feeling bad about yourself!

Let's have some straightforward fun with Kill the Dummy!

As you will immediately see upon starting the game, this one is heavily inspired by Fruit Ninja, because one or several dummies are going to be shot up into the air from the bottom of the screen, and with the mouse, you will swipe over them to slash and kill them down, until they are all killed, and you get points in return.

Miss three of them and you lose the game, as you only have three lives, and also, be careful not to also slice the bombs because if they explode, you lose sight and have to start again from scratch, so STAY AWAY! Good luck we wish you, we hope your focus is on point, and then you stick around for even more fun to be had!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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