Traitor Among Us: Impostor vs Noob

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What is Traitor Among Us: Impostor vs Noob?

Traitor Among Us: Impostor vs Noob

Traitor Among Us: Impostor vs Noob is going to be one of the best puzzle-shooting games online from our website, precisely because it features characters that you love very much from two of our top categories, so we are fully confident that you are in for a blast, literally, since you will be doing lots of shooting!

Shoot away with Traitor Among Us: Impostor vs Noob online!

Use the mouse to aim and shoot the guns towards the Noobs, having to help Impostor shoot them all down in a level, getting past any obstacles between him and his targets, and know that you have to do it with the limited number of shots you are given for that level, or else you lose it.

Each new level gives you more Noob antagonists or targets, but make sure to take advantage of things in the environment, such as TNT, to kill as many of them as possible with as few shots as you can use. Now that we're sure you understood everything to a T, let's begin the fun, and make sure to share the game with your friends, they would appreciate it plenty!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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