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Impostor.Io Overview


It is in the DNA of Among Us Games for them to be multiplayer games, which is always the best way to experience a game from this series, so it is with great delight that our team can now share with you all a brand new game called Impostor.Io, a popular browser game where you will be an imposter among other imposters, and you have to do your best to survive and become the top-ranking player!

Become the top imposter and defeat all the other ones!

Usually, when it comes to Among Us, imposters are known to sneak around and be stealthy in the way they approach and take out their targets, but this game has no room for that since it is an upfront battle of survival where you try to defeat the other imposters while avoiding their attacks on you.

You start out by handling a bat, but you can get new weapons on the map, and you should also collect as many energy cubes as possible because that makes you stronger and gives you the upper hand over your opponents! Of course, like in most other io games, you will use the mouse to move around and attack your opponents.

Performing well and defeating enemies gives you credits, and you should use those credits in the main menu to buy new weapons or upgrade your character and his design.

Good luck to you, we hope you have fun like only here is possible, and we hope to see you around, playing more of our daily games!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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