Impostor Station

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What is Impostor Station?

Impostor Station

Impostor Station has now been added to satisfy the many of you who we know for a fact want to play as many new Among Us Games online as possible on our website, which is why we could not have missed this opportunity for anything in the world, as this game is a bit different from everything else you've played here before!

Let's spot the impostor in the station!

Before the crewmates start moving, the impostor will flash yellow and reveal his position, and when everybody stops moving and the lights come on, you have to click on said impostor to reveal himself and kick him out of the ship.

Keep following and revealing him until there are no more moves left to be made to complete the level. When you see gold asteroids pass in front of the station, click on them to gain some extra gold, it's always good to have more of it.

We invite you to start the whole fun right now, only here, and we hope to see more of you afterward since we're never out of awesome games to share with you!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.