Impostor Assassin

Impostor Assassin

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Impostor Assassin
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Impostor Assassin Overview


An Impostor from Among Us is an Assassin by nature, since in addition to sabotaging the various systems in the spaceship, another role of theirs is to kill the crewmates trying to keep the spaceship flying, and this is what you do in this brand new stealth action game 3d from this category, which makes killing more diverse and popular than regular Among Us Games online!

Can you be the best Impostor Assassin?

In each level (out of a hundred total), you will have a map with multiple crewmates you need to kill, so make sure to not get seen or caught by them, or the level is lost. Assassins move without getting seen, so carefully observe their route, and at the moment, strike. Once all the targets have been eliminated, you advance to the next stage.

You will use the WASD keys to move around, and when you are near one of your targets, click to attack them with your sword. With the coins, you earn you can buy new weapons in the shop, as well as skins, and in each level, you can get from one to three stars based on your performance, so try to always aim for 3/3.

That is the simple killer premise of this game, where we guarantee you a really good time, as per usual, with us inviting you to play more content out of this category, it's the best one you can find around!

How to play?

Use the mouse, WASD keys.

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