Kill time in the office

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What is Kill time in the office?

Kill time in the office

Kill time in the office is one of the most recent slacking games online we've had on our website, a format that has not been around for quite a while, which makes us very excited for the addition of this game, since it is certainly going to feel fresh for new players, and bring back fond memories of older ones.

How much time can you kill in the office? Let's find out!

In this kind of slacking game you are working at an office, where you try to do everything else than work, so try to see how many activities can you make during the working hours, without getting caught. When the boss comes around, click on the computer to resume working, because if you get caught, you lose.

Among the things you can do by clicking on the buttons to the right is polishing your nails, making your hair, grooming your eyebrows, texting, knitting, applying face masks, and even sleeping.

After you choose an activity, you are shown in a bracket how to perform it, using the keyboard or the mouse. It is that simple, and the more things you do, the bigger your score becomes. Good luck, and we hope that you stick around and keep having a great time!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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