Super Oliver World

Super Oliver World

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Super Oliver World
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Super Oliver World Overview


Super Oliver World is here to make you forget all about Mario, as this new character by the name of Oliver takes his place in a similar world as those from the platform-adventure games we know you love playing with the plumber, but this time it will feel like something new and fresh, so there's no doubt at all in our minds that you will love it, as you might have already come to know all these worlds, and were itching for something novel!

Step into the Super Oliver World for maximum adventures!

In the pixelated world that spawns a total of fifteen levels in increasing difficulty you need to reach the end of each course without losing all your lives to the creatures, traps, holes, and dangers across the road because if you lose all your lives, you have to restart the level.

You can jump on top of creatures to kill them, such as the birds or the turtles, but avoid the man-eating plants coming out of the green tubes at any cost, they can only be shot at. Collect as many coins as you can, and hit bricks with your head to smash them, some being just bricks, some having coins or upgrades in them. They have question marks on them.

Use A and D to move, jump with W, and press X to shoot at enemies. Now you got the basics down, so you should be ready to give the game your very best right now, after which we invite you along for more quests and adventures to be had only on our website!

How to play?

Use the W, A, D keys and X.

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