Super Peaman World

Super Peaman World

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Super Peaman World
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Super Peaman World Overview


As you probably have already realized from the game's title, Super Peaman World is a platform-adventure game heavily inspired by Mario Games, but in this game, instead of controlling an Italian Plumber, you will actually control a man that is also a pea at the same time, and you need to help it navigate this world filled with both adventure and danger!

Start the adventure with the Peaman, right now!

You will control your character by using the arrow keys to move and jump and press the F key to throw peas at your enemies, which you can avoid or takedown by shooting them down.

As you proceed through each level, hit the bricks with your head to get points in return, and hit the ones with question marks in order to collect the coins from them, as you should collect any other coins too, and achieve a big score.

Reach the end of the course, avoid falling into pits, traps, or lose all your three lives from the enemies, and collect the three stars found along the course before you reach the end of it.

We wish you all the best, tons of fun, and we hope that you stick around all day long since more awesome games are right on the way, we're cooking them up right now!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys, F key.

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