Hero Rescue New

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What is Hero Rescue New?

Hero Rescue New
In this game, you must help the prince achieve his goal! You have to pull the tabs to help the prince, on these tabs you can find lava, spikes, gold, water, and other things. On some levels, you have to pull the tabs so the prince can collect the gold that is too high up to be reached. You have to be wary of the obstacles though, like lava, that melts gold if it touches it and also harms the prince if the lava falls on him. On some levels, you may have to rescue the princess.

On princess rescue missions you may find evil goblins, you must kill these by pulling a tab with a boulder sitting on it to hit the goblin in the head. The goblin has a sharp sword so if he comes in contact with the prince or princess he'll slay them. The goblin can also be killed by dropping him in the lava. If water touches lava or vice versa, the 2 of them will disappear and form small rocks. On some levels you may find a chest instead of gold, these chests have gold in them and can also kill the goblin if it falls on them.

There are 2 types of tabs, the normal ones that you can pull, and the ones that move left and right. The ones that move left and right can block off dangerous obstacles like the spikes which are dangerous to the prince. They can also help you route lava away from the gold and closer to the prince. Each tab can be tilted, if a tab is tilted lava, water, boulders, gold, and the chest can slide on them, this applies to all types of tabs.

Time to rescue the princess and help the prince!

How to play?

Use the mouse or the touchscreen.

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