Rope Rescue Puzzle

28.01.2023 2.006 19 votes

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What is Rope Rescue Puzzle?

Rope Rescue Puzzle

Rope Rescue Puzzle is a new kind of awesome logic and puzzle game with rescue elements, combining them all into one resulting in quite an awesome and interesting new experience, which we definitely recommend because we have already had tons of fun with it ourselves!

Solve the puzzle and help with the rope rescue!

There are stickmen in a burning house on one platform, and an ambulance on another platform, so you need to use the mouse to draw ropes from one side to another, and get the stickmen to the ambulance, something that you have to keep on clicking until all of them fall down and they win.

Each new level is more difficult than the one before it, we can promise, but we are sure that the better you become at the game, they won't pose a threat to you. Good luck, we wish you the very best, as always, and we hope you don't stop here, since we have even more great games in store!



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How to play?

Use the mouse.