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What is Recoil?


Recoil is one of the best new shooting games online from Fancade to have arrived on our website, and you know that if it is made by this team, it is an extraordinary addition to our website, and it should not be missed out by any of our visitors, even if they don't regularly play games from this genre!

Play Fancade's Recoil online unblocked for free!

A deadly virus has spread across the world, and you need to go around and use your anti-virus gun to shoot them all up and kill them, saving the planet.

Use the mouse to shoot when you want to, and know that when you do it, recoil activates, meaning that you will get pushed or rolled back from the direction you took your shot in.

Do so in order to move around and get face-to-face with the virus, so that you shoot it head-on and kill it, clearing the level, with each new level being more difficult than the last, of course.

Focus is what you need, so we hope you have it, as well as good luck, which is always good to have too!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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