God of Light

God of Light

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God of Light
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God of Light Overview


God of Light is going to be one of the best new puzzle and logic games you get to play here today, a game that is a literal ray of sunshine, which is what you will be trying your best to keep glowing, and there is no doubt at all in our minds that you will love doing it, just like the entirety of our team has had as well!

Be the God of Light that saves the world!

In each level, your goal is to take the light coming out of Shiny, who is a sun, all the way to the source of life, a device that powers up a planet, and it needs your beams to get to it first, something for which you use the mirrors, as you rotate them around to transport the beam of light from Shiny to the source.

Use the mouse to move your beam around, rotate the mirrors, and try doing it in such a way that you also hit all three stars along the way, so that you earn 3/3 stars per level.

We're sure that it has been understood, so hold back no more, start the fun now, and see if your friends would also like to play this amazing new addition here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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