Dinosaur Eggs Pop

Dinosaur Eggs Pop

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Dinosaur Eggs Pop
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Dinosaur Eggs Pop Overview


Dinosaur Eggs Pop is a brilliant new addition to the bubble shooting games category of our website, which is now going to present you with a fresh experience, as we consider that instead of bubbles you have eggs, and you need to help the dinosaur shoot them by matching them so that they can finally pop and hatch.  It's a lovely game whose format we will now explain, and we hope you will give it your best!

It's time to make the Dinosaur Eggs Pop!

As the bubble eggs start slowly coming toward the bottom of the screen, you need to shoot them with your cannon, because if they hit the bottom, you lose. Aim and shoot with the mouse or finger, and do it so that you match at least three eggs of the same color together, which is how you clear them off. Those near them, stuck to them, also get cleared up.

Keep shooting and matching the bubbles, earn a big score by doing that, and don't stop here, since similar awesome games await you here, all of which we hope to see you try out!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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