Game of Farmers

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What is Game of Farmers?

Game of Farmers

Game of Farmers is going to provide you with precisely the kind of experience you are thinking about, as this is one of the best new farming games online with business management elements, where, as usual in these games, you are trying to become the best farmer around the county, which will take a lot of hard work, but will also be tons of fun, we promise!

Let's win the Game of Farmers online!

At the farm you will grow and harvest plants, as well as grow animals and sell them, both in whole and for meat, or you can even sell milk or eggs, or even the fur of the sheep.

There are always new ways of making money at the farm and growing it bigger, so use the money that you earn from each sale that you make and upgrade and enlarge your farm, making it a well-oiled machine that will bring you money even when you're not doing anything.

Open the chests to see what treasures you can get, and use the magic seeds for upgrades. Simply use the mouse to interact with the farm, the farmers, the plants, and the animals, and do the work that you are supposed to do!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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