Anime Challenge

Anime Challenge

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Anime Challenge
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Anime Challenge Overview


Anime Challenge is the latest anime trivia quiz game online that our administrative team is happy to share with you right now, since we know that we already have a lot of anime fans here, who are always willing to play new such games, proving why they are worthy of the Otaku title, and we will now explain you the format, so you can give the game your best from the very start!

Take the Anime Challenge trivia quiz online right now!

Instead of asking you about specific anime, even though they might appear, this game is more about your general knowledge, such as what manga refers to, what is a mecha anime, if you know what a waifu is, or maybe what is the longest-running anime series out there!

You get questions like these and have four possible answers to pick from, and when you get them right, you earn points in return, but you lose them when you answer wrong. Find out how many you got right, and take the quiz again if you think you can do a better job next time! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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