Monster X Sushi

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What is Monster X Sushi?

Monster X Sushi

Monster X Sushi is going to be quite the peculiar and unique memory game online from our website, since we have not had memory games with food here before that much, which is why we are delighted we can bring you this one right now, where you are in for a treat, literarily, a Japanese one!

Improve your memory with Monster X Sushi!

Monsters have invaded Earth, and they are hungry for sushi, so feed it to them by matching the food with its matching pairs. Click on two dishes to reveal them at a time, and when they are identical, they get sucked up by the monsters, so do that until there are no more plates with food on the screen.

It's that simple, with each level getting a little bit more difficult than the one before, but also more fun, we promise. Let's start, only here, and make sure that you stick around to see what more great content is going to follow for you all!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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