Pilot Royale: Battlegrounds

Pilot Royale: Battlegrounds

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Pilot Royale: Battlegrounds
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Pilot Royale: Battlegrounds Overview


As the game's title, Pilot Royale: Battlegrounds, suggests, you are about to play one of the newest battle royale games with airplanes on our website, because if you can shoot with soldiers, you can also do it with these winged machines, which is done quite a lot in war, an experience you will now simulate with this game, something we will teach you more about, so you can give it your best from the get-go!

Play Pilot Royale: Battlegrounds to fly and shoot at enemies!

The gameplay of this game is one of the most simple ones out there. Point the mouse towards where you want to fly, and click to make your shots. Lock in on targets, and shoot them down, making sure that you get in as many kills as possible before the time of the match runs out, to climb the leaderboards toward the top.

You earn money which you can use to buy better planes and better weapons to equip it with. Of course, the other players in the air will try to shoot you too, and bring you down, so avoid their shots as much as you can. The very best we wish you right now, after which we hope to see you play even more of our amazing daily content!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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