Noob: Parkour in the City

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What is Noob: Parkour in the City?

Noob: Parkour in the City

Noob: Parkour in the City has been kept for last, because it is the best, one of the coolest running and jumping games that this category of blocky games has had in its world so far, a game which we highly recommend to you all from our own awesome experience with it, which is why we can now easily explain what you have to do, so you can give it your best!

Let's do Parkour in the City with Noob!

Click on the right side of the screen when you want to jump, and click on the left side of the screen when you want to slide, alternating between these two movements as the Noob runs, so that you avoid falling into pits, hitting into traps and obstacles, or any dangers of some kind.

You only have five lives in total, and if you lose all five of them you also lose the game, and, as you run, instead, make sure you collect as many gems as you can, which you can then use in the shop for new skins or cool power-ups to use.

It's all that very simple, so begin right away, only here, and come back tomorrow, when we've got another amazing slate of games prepared for you, all free and unblocked!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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