Gully Cricket

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What is Gully Cricket?

Gully Cricket

Gully Cricket is now available for the pursuit of our team to make the cricket games category even better than it already was, and to do that we need more amazing games in it, and this one is also in that category, which is why we hope that you will now learn from us what to do, and then start giving the game your best!

It's time to play Gully Cricket online!

The ball will be thrown to you, and you, as the batter, have to hit it with the bat, obviously. Use the mouse to do so by tapping at the right moment as the ball comes towards you, and know that if you miss it too many times in a row, you will get out, and if you get three outs, you lose the whole game.

You only win points in return if you keep hitting the ball with your bat, so try to up your skill level and always be focused so that you can manage it. Let's start all this fun right now, and we then invite you to check out even more content from this awesome category we've prepared for you all!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.

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