Connect the Cool Noob Skin

Connect the Cool Noob Skin

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Connect the Cool Noob Skin
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Connect the Cool Noob Skin Overview


Connect the Cool Noob Skin is a new puzzle and matching game online with this set of blocky characters we know for a fact you love very much, which is why we could not have missed sharing it with you right now, and we will also explain what is to be done, so you can confidently give the game your best, as you should!

Let's Connect the Cool Noob Skin!

In each level you use the mouse or touch control to pick up the various Noob skins and place them in the portal at the bottom of the screen, two identical ones at the same time to match and eliminate them, and do this connection for all of them to clear the level, and the faster you finish, the more gems you get.

Of course, the levels go up in increasing order of difficulty, but completing them is what makes them rewarding and in this following part of the article we teach you what and how to do it, so you can begin having fun right away!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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