Noob & Bombs: Escape from the Explosion

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What is Noob & Bombs: Escape from the Explosion?

Noob & Bombs: Escape from the Explosion

Noob & Bombs: Escape from the Explosion is going to be one of the most action-packed skill games online that the Minecraft Games category has had here so far, which we are sure is going to be a game unlike you have played here before, maybe on the entire website, and we we're sure that precisely for that reason you will dig it very much!

Escape from the Explosion in Noob & Bombs online!

Use the WASD keys or the ARROWS to move in the four directions, pressing the spacebar to jump, as you need to avoid the walls of TNT bombs that are coming through the four walls, because if you hit them, you explode and lose that level, of course. The more you survive, the better your score, but also try collecting the golden blocks when they appear as well.

Each time you play, try beating your previous high score. Now that you've got the format down, you should be ready to start giving the game your best, after which we hope to see you try out even more of the games we have brought you so far, and those that will follow!

How to play?

Use the arrows and spacebar.

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