Jelly's Drift 2

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What is Jelly's Drift 2?

Jelly's Drift 2

Jelly's Drift 2 is a game where you need not have played the original one to enjoy it, as it still remains one of the best new car drifting games 3D from our website, and we know that games with cars such as this one should not be missed out on for anything in the world, hence the addition and we will now explain the format for those of you new to it!

Have fun with Jelly's Drift 2 online!

With WASD and the ARROWS, you get to drive your car in a jelly world, hence the title, where you go on the track with the aim of going through the checkpoints faster and faster, so that you keep improving on the times you enter through them, and, along the way, make sure to not crash, or you need to restart.

Of course, the more drifts you make, and the longer you hold on to them, the more points you get, and you get to unlock new jelly cars to drive to keep the fun going fresh and fun! Enjoy!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the WASD/ARROW keys.

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