CCCR - Crush Soviet Car

CCCR - Crush Soviet Car

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CCCR - Crush Soviet Car
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CCCR - Crush Soviet Car Overview


CCCR - Crush Soviet Car is the latest car-crushing game online from our website, a simulator game with cars, racing, and full-on action in 3D that you have never gone wrong with when played on our website, and we're totally positive that the very same is going to be true for this one which features Russian cars to do it with!

Try our CCCR - Crush Soviet Car simulator online right now!

With WASD or the ARROWS you drive, and in the death match, you have to hit the other cars, or make them get hit by traps or hit into walls so that you eliminate them, and if you are the last car standing you win, while you should be careful, as they will be trying to do the very same to you.

You can also play the free drive mode, where you try to see how long can you last on said courses, you can try to complete the challenges, where you need to drive and crush just like you are being told, or try the Fall Cars mode, where you try to make the other vehicles fall down from the courses.

As you win and do great, you can buy new vehicles to use and drive, and crush them, and you can even make improvements to them in the garage.

It's as simple and easy to understand or play, so begin right now, only here, and stick around to invite your friends for the ride as well!

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