Crush the Car

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What is Crush the Car?

Crush the Car

To Crush the Car is not something we want anyone to do in real life, but in online driving and destroying games with cars such as this wonderful new addition to our website, everything is and should be possible, and we are now very excited about the chance to share this experience with you all right now, being positive you will love having it as well!

Crush the Car online for fun!

Unlike in most other racing games 3d that you are used to playing here, where if you crash into a car, you slow down or even die, here you have to hit the cars in front of you since that does not only eliminate them, but you also get a speed of boost and take ahead of the other cars.

In each new race, you have to do that, but the cars get trickier to hit and harder to do as well, but we're sure that your skills at this will also improve, and you will have even more fun doing it. Begin right away, only here, and see if you won't like some more of our other games brought forward here today!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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