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What is is going to be one of the best new multiplayer io games online you get to find and play on our website today, precisely why it has been added at this specific moment, and missing out on it should be a no-go, which is why we will now explain how it goes, so you can begin right away!

Dominate the world of online right now!

Move the ape using WASD, aim, and shoot with the mouse, and you can jump or climb with the spacebar. Use shift to roll, Tab for inventory, M for map, and Q to switch wand.

Just like in battle royale games, you're dropped from the sky, and in the pixel world you have to defeat the other apes, also real players, to stand at the top of the leaderboards and become the last one standing, and the winner, of course.

Shoot the NPC monsters too, for practice and extra points, find new power-ups, abilities, and weapons to use, and make sure that you don't get defeated instead because if it happens, you lose and need to restart.

It's that simple and fun, so starting the game right now should be a must for you all, after which we recommend to stick with us all day long since many more amazing ones will be followed up with by our team!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, space, the mouse, shift, Tab, M, and Q.

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