Bubble Shooter Story

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What is Bubble Shooter Story?

Bubble Shooter Story

We would always add a new game such as Bubble Shooter Story on our website since this is a format you cannot go wrong with, even more so when they are high-quality like it is the case with this awesome game, one that we've already experienced, which is how we are now able to tell you what and how to do it, so you can have the same awesome time!

Let's play through the Bubble Shooter Story online!

With the mouse you shoot bubbles from the cannon at the bottom of the screen so that you match 3 or more bubbles of the same color, make them fall down, and clear the top part of the screen from all the bubbles, which is how you are going to win.

Make sure not to let bubbles stack to the bottom of the screen, since you lose instead. Each new level is harder than the last, and for each, you can earn from one to three stars, depending on how well you do.

Let's begin right now, and hopefully, you check out more games from this same category, to see how even more fun can be had here with all your favorites!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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