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Arsenal Online

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Arsenal Online
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Arsenal Online Overview


Arsenal Online is one of the most comprehensive and complete shooting games online we've ever had on our website, hence why we decided to kick off this day with it, our team is always dedicated to this genre, as we know our fanbase is mostly boys and men who love it, who will now be having a blast, as they blast away shooting, something we will explain how it works right now and here!

Get your shooting going on with Arsenal Online!

This is a 2D shooter game where you use the following controls: the mouse to aim and shoot, obviously, R to reload, Q to switch weapons, F to use the barrel attachment, and space to create targets in the firing range.

You can do this on all the following modes:

  1. In Time Attack you have 30 seconds to shoot down as many targets as possible
  2. The Hardened mode gives you metal targets to take down in one minute
  3. As the Defender, targets move toward you and you need to shoot them down before they take you down
  4. The War mode is a survival one, with increasing difficulty of enemies attacking you, where you need to dispose of all the waves of foes.
  5. The Shooter mode is simple, with one minute to take down the enemies
  6. In the Sniper mode, you've got 30 targets waiting to be eliminated from afar.
  7. Hone your skills and timing with the Reflex mode, as the enemies keep spawning one after another
  8. Shoot down as many targets before the lava falls down on you in the Lava mode, of course.
  9. There is also the Breach mode, which is even more interesting!

Now that you've understood how it all goes, feel free and confident to begin playing, and don't stop here, since there are even more great games to come today and every day!

How to play?

Use the mouse, R, Q, F, space keys.

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Author: Wilkin Games

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