Parking Plot

Parking Plot

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Parking Plot
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Parking Plot Overview


Parking Plot represents one of the best new parking puzzle games online, which has become a big genre in itself, which is why we are delighted that at this moment we can share this amazing game with you all, because it is one of the best in the world of them, with high production values, its playable on mobile devices, so you have all the reasons to give it a chance with all the confidence necessary right now!

Let's solve the Parking Plot online!

With the mouse, you will move cars from the lot around, but only in the directions they are oriented towards, so be careful, since you have to figure out the best order in which to move your cars, so that your main one can escape the parking lot, getting out of its spot, which you will drag the last.

As you go through the levels, in each new one there will be many more cars to un-park, if you will, as the puzzles get more complicated, but we're sure that you will power through them all with your amazing brains. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

The number of moves you make to get the cars out of the parking lots and solve the puzzles is counted, so finish levels with a small number of moves to prove how smart you are and good at navigating the online parking plot!

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