Burning Down

Burning Down

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Burning Down
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Burning Down Overview


Burning Down is an independently released fireman simulator game online we now totally recommend to each and every one of you free of charge, as we want to showcase all the best indie games online, especially from this genre which is underused, and, who knows, maybe through this platform-adventure game you will one day become motivated to be real firefighter yourself!

It's Burning Down, so save the day!

To begin your new career, there are six test levels to go through:

  1. Here you learn to use WAD to move and jump, the mouse, left clicking to hose down fires, and right-clicking to douse small fires.
  2. Jump and then shoot under you to super jump.
  3. Use shift and click for foam and right click for the walls.
  4. This one is for the electrical switches.
  5. Boss level where you throw babies while jumping.
  6. The second boss level, with all the mechanics needing to be used.

The fires that you put out might bring new fires, and there will always be new dangers in this life, so try finding a way past all of the, so you save all your victims, and clear all the levels, like a real firefighter would put their life on the line to do!

How to play?

Use WASD, shift, the mouse, F, E, R.

Tips & Tricks

  • Use E to pick up people and boxes.
  • Use the axe (F) to bring down doors.
  • Reload with R when you need more water.

Game Walkthrough

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Author: Stopsignal


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