Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim

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What is Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim?

Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim

When it comes to driving simulation games online in 3D, we always wish to bring you the best of them out there, just like we are proving to you right at this moment with the addition of this one where you will do more than drive, as you will also fly, an experience unlike you get to have just every day, we promise!

Try our Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim online right now!

Your goal is to get the firemen to their missions, where they have to rescue people from burning buildings, so you getting there with your fire plane is going to be the key, so follow the directions given to you on the screen to get the route right, avoiding traffic, and getting there as fast as possible.

Use WASD to drive, Z to spray water, Y to accept missions, N to decline them, L for police light, and Q to fly or land. The more missions you accomplish, the better your experience gets, and the more rewards you are going to receive, becoming one of the best firefighter drivers on the internet, no doubt!


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How to play?

Use the WASD keys, as well as Z, Y, N, L, and Q.