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Teen Titans Go! Girls

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Teen Titans Go! Girls
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Teen Titans Go! Girls Overview


Teen Titans Go! Girls is a thematic new game from your favorite superheroes on Cartoon Network, because March is the month of women, so we are now focusing on the two girls from this team, Raven and Starfire, who are just as strong and capable as the boys, and they're always ready to do their best, as you will help them now in saving the day, something we're going to teach you right now!

Save the world with the Teen Titans Go Girls!

Start off by choosing if you wish to be Raven or Starfire, and the other one is going to become a sidekick. Move around with the mouse or touch controls, and automatically start shooting up the enemies that will surround you all the time, and when defeated, they leave pizza behind, which becomes your currency to grab and use.

After you get enough of it, you can acquire power-ups, with the first ones being in the shape of assists from Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy, which come in handy when you've got big waves of enemies surrounding you. Also buy upgrades for your two girls, as well as more health and new weapons to get the upper hand.

In this survival game, the more you hang on as you defeat villains, the more points you earn, so aim to never leave the battlefield! Start now, have fun as only here is possible, and invite your friends to do the very same!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Take the pizza left behind to buy new power-ups and add team members to your roaster.
  • Use the different magical powers of Raven and Starfire in different ways.
  • Pick up more health when you run out of it, to survive longer, and defeat more foes!

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