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Buddy Blitz

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Buddy Blitz
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Buddy Blitz Overview


Buddy Blitz, as you're going to notice as soon as you start playing, is a hypercasual racing game online with obstacle courses in 3D, which had been clearly inspired by the likes of Fall Guys Games, and similar games to it that have appeared over the past few years, with this one being one of the biggest and best ones inspired from it, something you will immediately notice from the graphics, the gameplay, and the incredible world you're about to enter in!

Start the Buddy Blitz and out-race all the other players!

The first level is going to be a tutorial one where you learn the basics, but for the next stages, you will have to enter the game against other players by pressing the J key from your keyboard, and then beating them to the finish line before the time granted for that runs out on you completely.

Use WASD to move, press space to jump, press it twice to dive, and to avoid obstacles and get past them with more ease, use shift.

Multiple players will be put inside the room, where you need to get past all the obstacles, checkpoint after checkpoint, and you should know that only a handful of players advance to the next race, which means that you should be among the first ones crossing the finish line to get your spot.

Avoid seesaws, triangles, and balls that come running or rolling toward you, there will be stairs to climb, there are going to be walls to jump past, and at times you might even need to push things out of the way to make room. Make sure you're not one of the players getting thrown around by the environment but move swiftly ahead of them!

As you win races, you can make customizations to your character's design while you are waiting in the lobby, to differentiate yourselves from the other buddies! Let's begin right now, you won't regret it for a moment, and invite your friends to join the game and race against one another!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use WASD, space, shift, the mouse, J.

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