My Friendly Neighborhood

My Friendly Neighborhood

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My Friendly Neighborhood
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My Friendly Neighborhood Overview


My Friendly Neighborhood is not as friendly as the title suggests, since the toys and dolls there have come to life but were cursed to be evil, and they are now out to kill you, which is why we now invite you to play a survival horror game online in 3D, a shooter game where you need to shot on sight to escape and secure your safety and freedom, which we've done already, so we can now teach you how to do it too!

Can you survive in My Friendly Neighborhood?

Use WASD to move through the city, and use the mouse to attack, starting off with a hammer, so you will do hits, to begin with, but then you can and should search for guns with bullets so that you can shoot the enemies, as you deal more damage and can hit them from a distance. Use E to open up the inventory, and R to reload. Jump with space.

The toys come towards you when they see you, so make sure not to let them get their attacks in too many times because if your health points run out to zero, you are going to lose. Follow the red targets on the screen, which show you how many meters you've got until then so that you can advance through the world until you have disposed of all the toys.

If you die, start again, and always try to survive longer. In each new level the city gets more dangerous, with more scary toys attacking you, so make sure to get better and quicker. Good luck, start right now, and invite your friends to do the very same!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, E, and the mouse, R.

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