Roxie's Kitchen: King Crab

Roxie's Kitchen: King Crab

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Roxie's Kitchen: King Crab
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Roxie's Kitchen: King Crab Overview


Roxie's Kitchen is a series of cooking games online for girls, stylized as a YouTube tutorial cooking show, where Roxie is the main chef who helps her virtual students cook simple but also more complicated dishes, as she has something for everyone and today's episode you will learn how to make King Crab, a delicacy that is not easy to make, but it is a pleasure to do so, and as we've already done it, we can now show you how!

Learn how to cook King Crab in Roxie's Kitchen online!

Catching the crab, which needs to be cooked alive is your first mission, so look at the maze, and figure out which is the path that the crab could take to drop into your basket, which is where you catch it, and do that multiple times until you've filled up the progress bar to get it.

Once you've got it, it will be dirty from the sea, and that's not how you want to eat it, which is why you wash it properly in the sink using special soaps and lotions. To slice the crab, when you see it appear on the board, only its icon, slash through it by swiping with the mouse.

Make sure to avoid cutting up jellyfish, fish, octopus, and other sea creatures, you only need to cut the crab. The next important part is boiling the crab, for which you pick up the water, legumes, and condiments for the broth, and then you put up the fire slowly, raising it up to the boiling point.

Plate the crab to look as tasty as it is!

The king crab will be the main dish on the seafood platter, but not the only one, as it is customary for this kind of food, so make sure to pick the right plates, add the right side dishes, and sauces, and put on decorations over the food and around it, making it look the most appetizing it can be!

Presentation is key, so dress up Roxie!

Finally, Roxie is ready to show off her dish on the internet, but for that, she also needs to look amazing, which is why you're dressing her up with clothes, shoes, hairstyles, and accessories from her wardrobe, mixing and matching to your liking. It's that simple, so begin right now, and enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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