Roxie's Kitchen: Egg Fried Rice

Roxie's Kitchen: Egg Fried Rice

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Roxie's Kitchen: Egg Fried Rice
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Roxie's Kitchen: Egg Fried Rice Overview


Egg Fried Rice is a dish that is really popular in Japan, and other countries as well, with many cooking influencers on the internet having fallen in love with it, such as Roxie, who now invites you to step into her kitchen, where she is going to cook this wonderful combo together with you helping her, as she knows that together with someone else is the best way to cook!

Make Egg Fried Rice in Roxie's Kitchen!

The order is this: make the eggs, fry the rice, and put them on a platter with the best side dishes, following the instructions Roxie gives you in the kitchen for every step of the recipe, using all the ingredients and tools in front of you, as you have everything you would need to become a great chef yourself.

Finally, since this is an Asian dish, dress up Roxie in an outfit that matches this, meaning that you will dress her up in a Japanese Kimono, and we are sure that she will look stunning in it, and she will also be proud of your newfound cooking skills and this recipe you now have in your mental bag. Start the fun now!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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