Roxie's Kitchen: Cromboloni

Roxie's Kitchen: Cromboloni

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Roxie's Kitchen: Cromboloni
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Roxie's Kitchen: Cromboloni Overview


Cromboloni is the newest dish you get to learn, and, most importantly, make, in the latest episode of Roxie's Kitchen Games online, one of our best series of cooking games for girls, which we are always trying to share with you as many as possible since we want to help you learn these dishes for your real-life consumption as well, but also offer you a great gaming experience!

Make Cromboloni in Roxie's Kitchen!

Making your dough for this food is very important, and you need ingredients like flour, butter, sugar, and yeast. To get them, drag the letters from down below where they are missing in the names of the ingredients, and then start mixing them together with others like eggs, or milk, which you mix together into a dough.

You then need to beat it into shape, and there you play a rhythm game where you have to press the arrow keys at the same time as the identical arrows match with the symbols below, as they fall from the top, or click on them if that's easier for you.

You will also create the jam by smashing the fruits into the paste and putting them over the dough, putting everything in the oven to bake, and adding all the toppings and decorations you want to make the dish sweeter and cuter. Finally, before her video, you get to take Roxie and dress her up in a nice outfit, to have a better presentation.

It is all that fun and simple, so begin right now, only here, and invite friends to do the same, or try more recipes with Roxie we've already got on our website!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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