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Rally Full HD

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Rally Full HD
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Rally Full HD Overview


Rally Full HD is here as one of the best new racing games 3D online! Whether you play it on computers or mobile devices, if you're a car enthusiast, it's for you! Drive with speed is only allowed in official races, but now, straight from your device!

Win the Rally Races, now in Full HD!

The Classic mode is a free driving mode. Take your car out through the Italian rural routes, and get to the finish line. In the same Italy, try the Racing mode! For it, beat the other cars to the finish line! The first one to cross it wins! It's a race of speed!

In Egypt, we invite you to try the  Checkpoint mode first. Race to reach one checkpoint after another before the time granted for it runs out. Then, overtake your racing rivals and win! The Speed mode tests your cars to the limits! Only the fastest drivers can win it!

Drive cars with ease!

On computers use WASD or the ARROW keys to drive your cars. Press the spacebar for the handbrake. Mobile users have buttons to touch right on the screen!

Win races, buy new cars!

You win money for winning races and finishing challenges! Take them to the garage, and buy new cars with them. You start off with 3000$, and the first car costs 2500$. Take that 500 bucks that remains and make some upgrades and customizations for:

  • Power
  • Acceleration
  • Max Speed
  • Brakes
  • Control
Drive fast, furious, and dangerously!

As you race, you find ramps to jump on. Do it! If you find swamps, you might have to go through all the mud. Try to make drifts as you take the turns to gain extra points, and earn even more money. 

The crazier you drive, the better, but don't crash. Stay ahead of the competition, and win all the racing titles and cups in this game!

How to play?

Use WASD/ARROWS and the spacebar.

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