Are You Harvey, Fee or Foo?

Are You Harvey, Fee or Foo?

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Are You Harvey, Fee or Foo?
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Are You Harvey, Fee or Foo? Overview


'Are You Harvey, Fee or Foo?' It's the question of all our fans of Harvey Beaks Games! It's a Nick show to love, and mainly because its characters! Let's take a personality quiz online, a nice and simple test, and find out! Which of the troublemakers do you think you will get?

Are You Harvey, Fee or Foo? Take the quiz, and learn!

For each question, you get three possible answers to pick from. They can be in the form of images, or text. Most of the time, they're both. It's easy to play for toddlers, but also for older children like kindergartners.

What does the quiz want to know? Maybe how you would describe your sibling. How big is your head? What is your favorite place to go? The lake, or the beach? Do you like eating bugs? Well, tell us!

Choose the answers that are most like you. They don't have to be real, just as close as possible! That way, at the end of the game, you find out who of the three main characters you are! Not satisfied? Retake the quiz however many times you wish!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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