Sleeping Beauty Storyteller

Sleeping Beauty Storyteller

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Sleeping Beauty Storyteller
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Sleeping Beauty Storyteller Overview


Become a Sleeping Beauty Storyteller! What do we mean by that? Play this game for girls and go through the story of Aurora, who got poisoned and put to sleep by an evil witch. Now, the prince is going out to rescue her by giving her a true love kiss. We will be helping out along the way, and we will show you how to do it right now!

Be the best Sleeping Beauty Storyteller online!

Your goal is to make sure that the story goes according to the original fairytale! Begin by going out into the woods with the princess. There you need to pick up ten blue flowers, like you would do in a game with hidden objects. The princess is hungry, and she needs to eat. Find some food for her. If not, she falls to the ground, and the story will meet its end there.

That is what happened to us. In your case, make a better decision than we did. Go back to the start of the story, and pick out another route. Go through the game as many times as you need to finish the story. Play awesome mini-games along the way, and have fun like never before!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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