Tolee's Bamboo Bounce

Tolee's Bamboo Bounce

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Tolee's Bamboo Bounce
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Tolee's Bamboo Bounce Overview


Tolee's Bamboo Bounce is one of the most fun new jumping games online! You've never played any like it before, trust us! Let's go to the Chinese forest, and bounce around the bamboo trees with this cute Koala bear, who is known to make these trees their homes. Well, now they are also your playground!

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Go up and down the bamboo trees by dragging the mouse up and down. When you want to jump from one bamboo stick to the next, pres space. Aim and jump in such a way that you make a big distance. The more bamboo trees you climb and bounce to and from, the more points you get.

The pandas that float around the sticks are your friends. Jump so that you catch them, and gain extra points. If you fall to the ground, you lose, as Koalas like Tolee need to stay at a high ground, where they are the safest.

Level 2 will introduce bamboos that swing left and right from the top of the screen. Use them to swing forward, just like Tarzan would do with vines. That's a different story, though. Some plants will bounce you from the ground. Use them to get back up, but they are few in between, remember!

Start this new animal adventure in the jungle, and check out more games of this category for even more of them!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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