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What are LoliRock Games?

There are a lot of fun and exciting stories ready to be played here on our website, and the LoliRock characters are important for all the girls, so a new category filled with amazing games for girls all ages is ready to be revealed. You can see that the LoliRock games found on our website are unique, and they keep the original story intact, so they are very interesting to play, and for the girls that do not know who or what LoliRock is, we invite you to read the article below and start to play our games, and that’s for sure, the first step of becoming real fans of the girl characters.  

Lolirock is a French series made for Disney France, and had it’s first episode in October 2014 in France, and has become one of the most popular TV shows for teen girls throughout France, and it got picked up all over the world by companies, and even online streaming platforms like Netflix, which aired the show in America, Canada, UK, and Australia.  

The cute LoliRock  

It’s more fun to play games once you have a backstory, and for that, we have prepared the entire story with the main characters, secondary characters, the entire storyline, and the little adventures that Iris and her friends had to go through to become the famous LoliRock girl band, and you will see how it will all make sense once you start reading this article, and start playing all the games for girls that we have published in this new category. You are going to see that the entire story is going to be about the struggle of little girls that want to sing, dance, and live a normal life even when they become superstars or rock stars in their country.  

The main character’s name is going to be Iris. She is a teenage girl that loves music and dancing, and one of her main goals in life is to become a famous singer, but she doesn’t do it very often, because she noticed that when she does, strange things are happening near her or in some kind of connection with her singing. Even though she is a little scared, she did not give up on her dream and being very supported by her friends, Iris managed to audition for the first time in her life. The band is a girl rock band, and there are a few famous judges in the room to listen to Iris sing, and even though she is nervous, she did a pretty good job.  

The downside of her audition for the girls' rock band is that she destroyed the room where she sang and even got attacked after that by two strangers. The entire life of Iris is going to be changed after that audition, because the judges Talia and Auriana told her that she is a magical princess, that has magic powers when she sings, and now that she knows her true faith, she will have to save her kingdom of Ephedia from the claws of an evil villain named Gramorr.  

The entire adventure of the LoliRock story will rely on Iris trying to find out which is the entire strength of her powers, and you will have to make sure that you can be step by step beside her in her attempt to find the Oracle Gems of the Royal Crown of Ephedia. These special gems that can help her start understanding and unleash the entire potential of her powers are going to be scattered all around the planet, and each of the LoliRock episodes will bring you in a special city, with new friends and new adventures to try and help Iris finish her mission and save her kingdom.  

You will see how hard it will be for the three main characters of the Lolirock band because they want to live both worlds, one of the rock stars and one of magic princesses and girls that have to save an entire kingdom, so they are trying their best and you will see that they are going to travel a lot with the rock band, and in each city that they reach, they will try to find another gem and be one step closer to finding all the Oracle Gems and start to defeat Gramorr, the villain that is trying to get her kingdom. 

LoliRock and saving the Kingdom

Gramorr is not the only villain of the story, because, like any mastermind, he will have helpers and a lot of troops and soldiers that will try to stop Iris from finding the gems and making sure that she is stopped from her quest to save her kingdom. Gramorr’s best soldiers are twins Praxina and Mephisto, which can summon a lot of monsters and magical creatures that destroy everything in their path, making chaos, and so the girls have to be more united than ever to try and stop the villains from destroying all of the LoliRock concerts.  

All of these things are going to happen in the first season of the LoliRock series, and the second one is only going to be better, because Iris is starting to understand the full length of her powers, so you have to make sure that in the shortest time, you will be able to gain points and see how you can use her magic powers more and more through the LoliRock girl adventures, and that you will finish mission after mission, and you will be closer to saving the magical kingdom with Iris and the other girl princesses from this amazing story. 

The LoliRock band of girls is growing, becoming more popular, and you can see that there are three new girls that are coming inside the band, and their name are Carissa and Lyna, who have the same ability like Iris to transform into warrior princesses, so the rock band will become more powerful than ever against all of Gramorr’s troops. The girls continue to gather Oracle Gems while having side quests and trying to help every human that they see in danger, but that only slows them down, and help Gramorr recover from every failed attack and even get stronger with Praxina and Mephisto, the evil twins.  

By the end of the second season, the LoliRock warrior princesses manage to find the last Oracle Gem, and the main character has to return to the Ephedia kingdom and make sure that she starts the real war against Gramorr, and try to save her kingdom now that she has become more powerful than ever, and that she had the chance along the time to practice and keep control better and better over her powers.  

Warrior Princesses 

Iris – is the lead singer of the LoliRock band, and even though she is just 15 at the beginning of the challenge, you will see that she is very powerful and very brace, as she starts a war with a magic creature named Gramorr to save a kingdom that she never saw or heard about before. To know and spot her faster, you will see that she has blonde wavy hair, blue eyes, and pink lips and freckles. Iris is very kind, loves music, loves singing and dancing on stage with her rock star friends in the LoliRock band, and even though they are going in small tours, she will have to face the fact that she is not an ordinary lead singer in a rock band, and that she has to train hard and in secret in order for her to be one step closer to defeat his villain enemy Gramorr and save the magic kingdom.  

Talia – is another one of the LoliRock singers, and she even plays the guitar and keytar, and she is very easy to spot because she has straight black hair with cute bangs, dark skin, and beautiful eyes. She is a Xeris princess, and she was taken prisoner by the same villain Gramorr, and now she is seeing allies to help her defeat him as fast as possible before he does more harm to other princesses. Talia has a transformation item in her bracelet, and her hair turns blue and her clothes have the same color.  

Auriana is another one of the Lolirock girls that today are going to appear here on our website, and you can help her continue their adventure as princesses and rock stars. You will see how much fun you will have with all of their friends because she plays the tambourine and she also sings vocals like real rock stars. She has brown hair almost all the time held in a ponytail, tan skin, and green eyes like a smaller gem. Auriana is considered a very good friend, full of energy and playful.  Auriana is known as the princess of Volta, and she has a ring for her transformation item, and her hair and clothes are turning orange when she transforms.  

Amaru is a purple and white furry creature, and you will see how much you will manage to have playing with his dark blue hair that can change into a powerful horse with wings and he is always going to help the LoliRock princesses with transport when they have difficulties in their missions, so he is going to be a very popular and very loved character from this fun story.  

Who are the LoliRock girls?

The LoliRock girls are Iris, Auriana and Talia.

Wow many girls are in the LoliRock band?

The LoliRock band has three main singers.

What's the secret behind the LoliRock band?

The LoliRock main singers with their voice and with instruments are magical princesses from different kingdoms.

Who is the villain of the story?

The princesses are going to have to win their battles against Gramorr and her evil twin sisters warriors.

Where can the LoliRock girls need to go?

Iris has to find a way to control her powers, and be sure that she can defend the Ephedia kingdom.

What's the LoliRock band main purpose?

The LoliRock princesses have to find the Oracle Gems, and save the magic kingdom from Gramorr's attacks.