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What are Lucas the Spider Games?

Lucas the Spider Games is quite the peculiar category to have just been created for our website here for you all since we're talking about an animated character that started off on YouTube in 2017, becoming so popular that a plush toy based on it was released a year later when the character and the series based around him were also picked up by a production team, and in 2021 we saw the release of a TV show based around the propriety, one that currently airs on Cartoonito, which we are sure many of you saw and loved, which is why you are here in the first place!

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Lucas is a cute and small insect whose adventures we follow, from which we can learn a lot of valuable lessons while also enjoying his antics, but he is usually joined by many of his other insect and animal friends, such as:

You will get to meet these characters in the games with Lucas the Spider we bring you here as well, such as a simple matching game with cards featuring where they feature on said cards that you have to match. That will only be the start, as more content is going to follow, and you can bet that nowhere else will you find these games first!